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Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014

Charitable giving for Milwaukee’s LGBT community

When Neil Giuliano, Tempe, Ariz.’s former gay mayor (he’s still gay but not currently mayor) spoke at the recent Cream City Foundations Business Lunch, he stated a remarkable and embarrassing fact: LGBT people contribute less to their own causes than straight people do. I’m sure there
Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014
Let’s give thanks. Why not, damn it? It’s that time of year, after all. Let’s see…what am I thankful for? Uhm, I’m thankful for my wonderfully smart, attractive and kind readers. I’m thankful for the “How to
11.17.2014 | 72 days ago | Posted at 03:52 AM
By Russ Bickerstaff
From Stonewall Rebellion to the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic, the latter part of the last century was a very explosive and dramatic time for a large, tragically shadowed portion of the culture. At the end of this month in conjunction with World AIDS Day, The Milwaukee Gay Arts Center presents Séance: Signs of Life from Another Room.It’s a program featuring spoken word, music and theatre w...
Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013
 Art Parties: As part of the six-day Milwaukee Latino Carnival, ART Milwaukee hosted another adventurous ART Bus expedition on Gallery Night. Two full busloads of
07.18.2011 | | Posted at 08:16 AM

Staged reading of a new play by Olivia Dawson and Ray Proctor at the MGAC at the end of this week.

By Russ Bickerstaff
    Staged readings work remarkably well with scripts that peel-back all of the elements of production and exist primarily on a raw, emotional level. Written by Olivia Dawson and Ray Proctor, Verbal Acumen sounds like it fits the bill remarkably well. Negotiating the tricky terrain of race, pretense and friendship. In a rather tightly-written press release, the drama bills itself as being about...
05.23.2011 | | Posted at 04:01 PM

Neil Haven’s latest looks at cross-generational conflict

By Russ Bickerstaff
    Over the years, playwright Neil Haven has proved himself to be pretty versatile. From a comedy about a woman afraid to leave an elevator to a vaguely bizarre comedy about internet dating and even a short about anthropomorphized ducks in Las Vegas, Haven’s style has varied quite a bit.With his latest, he tackles a very complex family dynamic between five different characters. And though th...
04.26.2011 | | Posted at 09:53 AM

Playwright Neil Haven’s latest is a complicated contemporary domestic comedy

By Russ Bickerstaff
    Neil Haven’s work has been an interesting and uneven mix. From the heartwarming holiday show Who Killed Santa? to a cleverly-constructed comedy about an agoraphobic elevator operator, Haven’s work has an enjoyable energy about it. My wife and I still occasionally talk about a comic short he wrote for Pink Banana Theatre featuring a group of ducks in a fountain in Las Vegas. Ha...
04.16.2011 | | Posted at 12:00 AM


By Russ Bickerstaff
Brand new theatre company KACM Theatrical Productions debuts this weekend. For an inaugural show, KACM could’ve done worse than Ken Morgan’s Square: A Stage Pornography. The two-person drama features Joshua Devitt and Jenna Wetzel as a pair of old high school classmates who hook-up ten years after graduation—almost inadvertently. I don’t think I’m really giving anything away by saying ...