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Sunday, Aug. 24, 2014

Film fails to bring the dystopian novel to life

As The Giver opens, the viewer is immersed
Friday, May 9, 2014
 The Clash began as one of rock ’n’ roll’s great hopes and ended as a bloated caricature. Filled with archival footage and conflicting interviews with eyewitnesses, Danny Garcia’s documentary explores what went wrong. Different answers are offered: maybe it was the machinations of manager
12.13.2010 | | Posted at 08:07 AM
By David Luhrssen
Dapper and affable, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has become the foremost public spokesman for African American history. With his PBS series �Exploring Our Roots� (out on DVD), Gates begins his genealogical journey with his own people before broadening the scope to include Americans of many backgrounds. Yet in speaking of his people, he confronts a paradox. According to his family tree, Gates is mo...
03.27.2010 | | Posted at 09:08 AM

Wes Anderson Gets Animated

By David Luhrssen
In a Wes Anderson movie, families never run smoothly but at least they run. In the animated comedy Fantastic Mr.Fox (out on DVD and Blu-ray), they are running for their lives�a family of foxes menaced by a trio of evil human farmers. Of course, the rascally behavior of their furry father figure, this film�s counterpart to Royal Tennenbaum, Mr. Fox (voiced by George Clooney), triggers their tro...
Monday, Dec. 29, 2008
In 1964, the time of Doubt, no one spoke of pedophile priests, even if the Roman Catholic Church was already riddled with them. Directed by John Patrick Shanley from his own play, one of the most provocative recent productions on a Broadway that has surrendered to the tourist trade, Doubt is true to its title. Neither an exercise in moral certainty nor an easy story for armchair ethicists, Doubt investigates the blurry line between perception and reality...
08.11.2008 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By David Luhrssen
The word �holocaust� had no particular meaning for most people until the 1970s, when it was given a capital H and turned into shorthand for the genocide waged against the Jewish people by the Nazi regime. The CBS mini-series �Holocaust� helped popularize the term when it aired in 1978. It�s out now on DVD. �Holocaust� is of historical interest for its role in educating the American public...
07.19.2008 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By David Luhrssen
For me, Abba was never a guilty pleasure. They were usually a pleasure, period. Most of their hits were great little soap operas sung in Berlitz lesson English to irresistible melodies with unassailable arrangements. They were pure pop for now people in the �70s. Abba was never as big in benighted America as elsewhere, but that began to change with the 1999 Broadway debut of one of the mo...