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12.13.2010 | | Posted at 11:46 AM
By Nicole
Why is Mike McCarthy so bad at challenges? It seems that he's always making the wrong decision. He challenges plays that will not get overturned and let's plays go by that he should have challenged. Supposedly the decision comes from a group up in the booth that have access to instant replays that help to make the decision. Maybe it's time to re-think who is up there making the call. Yeste...
12.31.1969 | | Posted at 06:00 PM
By Nicole
Clearly as frustrated as the fans were by the two recent embarrassing losses to the Vikings and He Who Shall Not Be Named, Cullen Jenkins became the second Packers defenseman to tell the media he's not so happy with what has long been the vaunted change to the 3-4 defense under new coordinator Dom Capers.Jenkins said he and others felt "handcuffed" by the new scheme. These comments come on the hee...