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01.13.2013 | | Posted at 06:18 PM

Western Nevada College Students Create Poignant Exhibition

By Peggy Sue
  Peace sits at the banquet tableadorned in Nations’ flags, staring at all the empty seats. Carol Kalleres    In Leo Tolstoy’s 1865 novel War and Peace, history, literature and social commentary merge in the writer's epic and monumental tribute to the tragedies of war. A creative writing class at Western Nevada College in Carson City under the directi...
Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012
Gary John Gresl's "possible solo finale" exhibition, “An Assembler,” brings together more than three dozen of his assemblages and photographs. The effect is like walking through an array of grottos or shrines...
Monday, March 7, 2011

Art Review

Intimate apparel, hidden beneath other garments, is often considered "unmentionable." In artist Carol Chase Bjerke's sculptures titled Intimate Apparel, paper slips and undershirts stitched from recycled medical disposables help to reveal emotional and/or physical conditions that likewise often go without mention...