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Saturday, Jan. 8, 2011

Tonight @ Turner Hall Ballroom, 7:30 p.m.

Singapore-born, Juilliard-trained classical pianist Margaret Leng Tan spent more than a decade collaborating with experimental composer John Cage, working closely with him until his 1992 death. Shortly after, Tan found a new muse: toy pianos...
Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011

Present Music brings visionary artist to Turner Hall Ballroom

The enduring legacy of John Cage may well be less in the music he wrote than in the artists he inspired. One of the collaborators in the final years of his life, Margaret Leng Tan, is at the center of Saturday’s concert by Milwaukee’s world-known performers of what can oxymoronically be called contemporary classical music, Present Music. And at the heart of her performance is an instrument not normally taken...