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09.23.2014 | 129 days ago | Posted at 11:39 AM
By Lisa Kaiser
The latest attack on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke as a plagiarist is so absurd I hesitate to write about it. What’s so ridiculous and hypocritical is that Scott Walker and his allegedly independent supporters copy each other all the time.  Walker’s official slogan is “It’s Working.” I know that this is completely detached from reality, but that’s what the governo...
Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013

Right-wing billionaires, corporations and the Bradley Foundation pay for junk studies that prop up their agenda

 A clearer picture is emerging of a well-funded network of right-wing experts and think tanks that promote corporate interests
Wednesday, July 8, 2009
Mark Neumann filed papers today to run for governor in the Republican primary against [Milwaukee County Executive] Scott Walker and some businessman from Appleton. Neumann would be the only former math teacher in the race. One big question is whether Neumann opposes...