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06.20.2014 | | Posted at 06:29 AM
By Russ Bickerstaff
Summer opens up on so many strange fringe-like stage performances. There’s an opportunity to go out and see a lot of interesting things. Child of deaf adults/actress/spoken word artist Liysa Callsen is hosting a lip-sync competition this coming Aug. 8 in Manitowoc.Right away it doesn’t sound like much—kind of a fun high school talent show-type of thing. And it probably WOULD be a little bit ...
03.28.2011 | | Posted at 05:53 AM

Callsens CODADIVA is a refreshingly original trip to the theatre.

By Russ Bickerstaff
Seeing 120 live shows a year makes it very difficult to have a truly novel experience at the theatre. The truly offbeat, truly original stuff can be exceedingly hard to come by. And while I�m really fond of the experimental, I know it�s not for everyone. For instance, I think playwright Peter J. Woods� best stuff is absolutely brilliant. My wife hates it though . . . and I can understand why. Li...