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Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2009
Appropriately, much has been made of the historic election of the first African American president of the United States. But President Barack Obama’s inaugural address made it clear his presidency is historic in another very important way as well. We have elected a president who actually believes in government.
Thursday, Aug. 7, 2008

McCain should face tough questions

Touring America's oil rigs and nuclear plants, John McCain sometimes sounds as if he'll produce enough wind to power the nation all by himself. So strongly does his current rhetoric smell of methane—the gas emanating from manure—that he might even qualify for an alternative energy tax incentive.
Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2007
NEW ORLEANS, La.—Robert Green lives out of two small FEMA trailers jammed together on a small plot of land in the Lower Ninth Ward. The one-story home where his bedridden, elderly mother lived in August 2005 is no longer there.