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Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2010

Treasures from antiquity at Milwaukee Public Museum

According to the story, a Bedouin shepherd boy tossed a stone into a desert cave near the Dead Sea during the winter of 1946-47. Hearing the sound of shattered pottery, he scrambled inside to investigate. What the boy discovered was the first of 11 caves along the cliffs near the ruins of Qumran, forgotten storehouses for the oldest surviving texts of the Hebrew Bible...
Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Observing kosher laws

Sundown this Thursday, May 28, marks the beginning of Shavuot, a Jewish holiday that celebrates the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai 3,321 years ago. With the giving of the Torah, the most holy of the sacred writings in Judaism, the Jews were commanded to observe the laws...
Friday, May 9, 2008
For 2,000 years the Jews were a people without a homeland who made the world their home. The first Jews to arrive in Milwaukee came in the 1840s from German-speaking Central Europe. They found a village at the edge of a wilderness, far from the centers of the Jewish culture. Within a generation a full community grew from the seeds of Milwaukee’s first Jewish settlers. Soon the city elected a Jew to Congress, Victor Berger, a socialist remembered for his principled stand against America’s entry into World War I. A few years later North Division High School graduate Goldie Mabowehz moved to Palestine under the inspiration of Milwaukee’s socialist Zionists.