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07.17.2010 | | Posted at 02:13 AM
By Nicole
Packers' DE Johnny Jolly, who is facing drug charges in Houston that could carry up to 20 years in prison, was suspended for at least the 2010 season by the NFL today for violating the league's substance abuse policy. He will be eligible to apply for reinstatement after the Super Bowl. He was arrested in Houston in July of last season and faces charges dealing with possession of codeine....
06.03.2010 | | Posted at 03:59 PM
By Nicole
The prosecution is saying Johnny Jolly "bought, sold, funded, transported and aided in the buying, selling, funding and transportation of illegal narcotics including cocaine and marijuana" in Harris County from 2006 through May 2008.It seems as though this may be an unfortunate side effect of Jolly's looking to not receive any punishment from the league by pleading guilty to any lesser charges. Pe...