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07.29.2010 | | Posted at 07:58 AM

Law and Order in Amish Country

By David Luhrssen
In Plain Truth, the excellent Mariska Hargitay (�Law & Order: Special Victims Unit�) plays a hard driving attorney who begins to feel guilty for getting Wall Street crooks off the hook for their crimes. Soon enough, she finds herself in an entirely different place, defending an unmarried, teenage Amish girl accused of killing her unwanted baby at birth. Based on the novel by Jodi Picoult, PlainTru...
Monday, March 1, 2010

Plus: Jodi Picoult at Oconomowoc Arts Center

Most everyone loves to receive postcards from family or friends traveling abroad on fantastic adventures. Postcards sent from an ex-girlfriend you haven’t heard from in a year, however, are a different story entirely. It’s this second scenario that is happening to Sid Higgins, the mainl...