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01.14.2011 | | Posted at 12:37 PM

African-American Theatre Group Stages THE MEETING at UWM

By Russ Bickerstaff
� When civil rights legends Martin Luther King and Malcom X met on March 26th, 1964, it was a brief photo op. The minute or so that passed between the two men as kind of an interesting bit of fine print under a footnote to history. The two men didn’t have any time to talk, but what if they had met and had a conversation of any depth? An extensive conversation between the two men is the basis fo...
03.04.2010 | | Posted at 06:18 AM

Willie Abney Directed Drama for One Weekend Only

By Russ Bickerstaff
 At the center of their beliefs, two legendary activists from the ‘60’s held very similar beliefs. For Malcom X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the philosophies on how to attain racial equality culd not have been that much different. Both men were very accomplished intellectuals from the same era. So what would’ve happened if the two men were to discuss matters? Playwright Jeff Stetson ex...