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Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008

Tonight @ the Alchemist Theatre - 7:30 p.m.

Because they were never solved, the Jack the Ripper murders have been a particularly ripe muse for writers for over a century, as countless pieces of fiction have speculated who may have been the killer and—more interestingly—what his or her motives could have been. Local writer and director Jackie Benka is the latest to take a stab at the legendary serial killer, with the Alchemist Theatre’s latest offering, Ripper, which wraps...
Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2008

Theater Preview

In the fall of 1888, a series of five murders took place in London's Whitechapel district. Newspapers referred to the murderer, whose victims were all prostitutes, as "Jack the Ripper." The killer was never caught. The drama of this serial killer has been adapted to stage and screen numerous times over the years. He returns to the Milwaukee stage next month as Alchemist Theatre launches the premiere of Ripper!-a new play written and directed by Jackie Benka. Benka's Roaring Gemini Productions is co-producing the show.