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04.10.2014 | | Posted at 10:12 AM
By Shepherd Express Staff
The Milwaukee Brewers have discovered this little song they think you'll enjoy. In the team's new "Happy" video, seemingly every person either employed by the Brewers organization or who has visited Miller Park this year dances to the ubiquitous Pharrell hit. Cameos abound: Bob Uecker pretends to play a trumpet; Scott Walker wears a hat; Tom Barrett struggles to clap on beat; and Ed Sedar and Jona...
Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2007

A night out for everyone

In spite of its outdated reputation for $4.99 lobster buffets, Las Vegas is an expensive city, especially when it comes to entertainment. Even aging singers who would have a difficult time selling $30 tickets on tour can easily charge $100 in Vegas, since they know that tourists arrive desperate to be entertained and prepared to splurge.