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08.13.2014 | 9 days ago | Posted at 01:05 PM
By Lisa Kaiser
Have you recovered from a low-turnout election that turned out to have some pretty dramatic results? I’m still digesting the primary returns, but it’s safe to say that zombie Republican votes—sorry, votes by "one day only" Democrats—definitely had an impact on at least one race. (And, even though Sheriff Clarke and the Journal Sentinel are trying to paint him as an underdog, he certainly w...
Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013

County board chair will focus on green jobs and education

 Milwaukee County Board Chair Marina Dimitrijevic will run for the East Side state Assembly seat being vacated by longtime Democratic state Rep. Jon Richards as he runs for state attorney
Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013

GOP won’t agree to protections for LGBT, immigrant and Native victims of abuse

 Earlier this year, the unthinkable happened. For the first time in almost two decades, the landmark Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was allowed to expire.
Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010
Congresswoman Gwen Moore won a big victory last week when one of her signature bills, the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act, passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday. But that high was short-lived, since the Milwaukee Democrat had to confront a bitter choice: deciding whether she would support President Obama’s just-announced tax cut compromise, which includes an extension of George W. Bush’s tax cuts...
Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2010
This is a brutal election season for incumbents. But not all incumbents are created equal. That’s why we’re supporting Sen. Russ Feingold in his bid for re-election. Feingold has been a strong supporter of progressive causes, like civil liberties, as well as issues that often upset progressives, like gun rights. But Feingold’s take on the issues is a good fit for a moderate, independent state like Wisconsin...
09.10.2009 | | Posted at 12:00 AM
By Lisa Kaiser
The Journal Sentinel�s coverage of the MPS mayoral takeover is atrocious. The paper has editorialized in favor of the takeover. Why not? The MMAC is behind this, so the JS of course is not going to offend the business community in the midst of recession that�s hitting the newspaper industry�and the Journal Sentinel�so hard. Besides, the JS has long advocated for MMAC-suppor...