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04.01.2014 | | Posted at 11:35 AM

CD Collects Classic Movie Music

By David Luhrssen
  During Hollywood’s golden age, movie music wasn’t culled from a stock sonic library (cue that tinkling piano for pensive mood) or stitched together from old pop hits (publishing rights owned by the studio?). Even many modestly budgeted films had original scores written by staff composers and performed by in-house orchestras. Play It Again: The Classic Sound of Hollyw...
10.01.2010 | | Posted at 05:28 PM

Racine Theatre Guild Presents DON’T CRY FOR ME MARGARET MITCHELL

By Russ Bickerstaff
The enthusiastic promotion of Avatar’s success only gets it half right. James Cameron’s sci-fi film is only the most successful film of all time right now. Gone With The Wind was the single most successful film ever . . . when one takes inflation into account. Taking inflation into account, Avatar is merely the 14th most successful film ever. (Doesn’t exactly look good in a Blu-ray/DVD com...
Monday, March 2, 2009

Last of the great silent films

By the time sound was heard in the movies, silent film had outgrown its awkward childhood to become a mature medium, an expressive art form in its own right. One of the last silent films deserves to be ranked with the great movies of its kind. The Wind (1928) was also the Hollywood finale for Swedish director Victor Seastrom (or Sjstrm, as he was known in his homeland). Irked by having to add a happy ending to The Wind, which...