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04.24.2014 | | Posted at 12:29 PM

Local Horror Movie Attacked by Right-Wing Radio

By David Luhrssen
  Normally, right-wing spieler Charlie Sykes focuses his selective ire on such targets as Obamacare and that by-now largely mythic hobgoblin, the “liberal media.” But for The New World Horror, Sykes tried on his film critic’s hat and lambasted a Wisconsin indie he has never seen, a film that hasn’t been completed, much less screened. Favoring fulmination over facts,...
Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013
 More interesting than the zombies are the human survivors. In the third Living Dead movie by George Romero—the man most responsible for the space occupied in our imagination by zombies—mad science clashes with military madness, and fatalism with determination, as the sane among
09.24.2012 | | Posted at 10:11 AM

Complete Guide to the Living Dead

By David Luhrssen
  Movie zombies are usually lumbering, slow-moving creatures, but zombie movies keep arriving at such a fast clip that the 2008 Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide is already out of date. Coming in time for Halloween the second edition of Glenn Kay’s lightly written but informative chronicle of the living dead fills gathers the news from Zombieland from the past four years.   ...
09.06.2010 | | Posted at 09:02 AM
By David Luhrssen
Zombies were big last decade, thanks to Danny Boyle�s nail-biting thriller 28 Days Later. Writer Joe Kane reminds us of that the recent breed of undead were born in George Romero�s Night of the Living Dead (1968), a movie routinely described as a �cult classic.� And rightfully so, because Romero�s movie not only fits any definition for that term but helped shape the whole notion of the midnigh...
Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tonight @ U.S. Cellular Connection Stage

One of the most enticing curiosities on the Milwaukee music scene, The Scarring Party play old timey, tuba- and accordion-driven jazz; classic American music as re-imagined through the lens of Tom Waits records and haunted carnival rides. Although they’re filtered through a quirky, vintage...