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10.02.2013 | | Posted at 11:37 AM
By David Luhrssen
  A new coffee table book, Star Wars Art: Concepts (published by Abrams), shows that many familiar images from the franchise took life as pen and magic marker drawings (and later, on digital programs). The wrinkled, long-eared visage of Yoda, looking a bit like something from Tolkien, began as a drawing on paper by Joe Johnston, an artist for Industrial Light & Magic who we...
08.18.2013 | | Posted at 08:47 AM
By David Luhrssen
  The title of the book is misleading. Homer Simpson Ponders Politics (University Press of Kentucky) isn’t about the world according to Matt Groening, but ranges widely, hooking-up particular films, television shows, graphic novels and genres with philosophers and their ideas. True, one of the essays is titled “Aristotle’s Politics and the Virtues of Springfield: Community, Educa...
02.18.2013 | | Posted at 10:58 AM
By David Luhrssen
 The word “film” will probably survive to describe a particular form of motion picture, but the physical medium of celluloid film is going the way of hand-illuminated parchment after Gutenberg. Whether that’s progress or a backward step is an intensely held matter of opinion among those who make “film.” In the documentary Side by Side, Keanu Reeves interviews prominent directors on...
Friday, June 10, 2011

Abrams' Tribute to the Master of Summer Movies

Every mastermind grew up admiring a mastermind. For J.J. Abrams, who conceived the convolutions of the culty “Lost” series and revived Star Trek for the 21st century, Steven Spielberg was the model mastermind, a director who found the uncanny among ordinary people and with a sharp feel for the roller coaster thrill of cinema...