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Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014

A week of new movies and classics at UWM

 French films? Mention them and certain impressions come to mind, whether the breezy insouciance of Breathless or romance on the banks of the Seine
Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013
 Comedy Contrasts: Theatre Gigante opened its 25th season with a darkly funny Hungarian play, Dust, by György Spiró, at the Kenilworth Studio 508. By contrast, Carte Blanche Studios presented a giggler/slapstickish recreation
Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013
 When his credit suddenly goes south, middle-aged Sandy (Jason Bateman) learns his identity has been stolen. He tracks down the culprit 2,000 miles away in Miami. She's Diana (Melissa McCarthy), living high on the hog. The cops have neither the staff nor the inclination to bring her in
Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013

UW-Milwaukee festival features movies from France, Quebec and beyond

 Jean-Louis has lived all his life in the same elegant
Friday, Feb. 5, 2010

Tonight @ The UWM Union Theatre

The UWM Union Theatre kicks off its annual Festival of Films in French tonight with a screening of the uplifting 2007 drama Conversations with my Gardener. Daniel Auteuil stars as a man who hires a gardener to tend...
Friday, Jan. 30, 2009

French film highlight

An orange represents the world's wealth, a raggedly bearded Leninist tells 9-year-old Anna (Nina Kervel). And a capitalist is someone who wants to keep the whole orange. A communist, he adds while peeling the rind and offering the girl a piece, wants to share the wealth. But on the other hand, when Anna tries to adopt her radicalized parents' rhetoric of "group solidarity," she finds herself in the wrong, blindly moving like a lamb in a flock of sheep. Her parents have difficulty explaining the distinction between group solidarity...