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Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2009

Farms in Trouble, Lisa Lampanelli, The Hood Internet, Lewis Black and Cheap Trick

Farms in Trouble’s messy, lo-fi pop invites instant comparisons to early Guided by Voices, though the group is even more free-spirited, pasting together fuzzy song pastiches with an anything-can-be-an-instrument-if-you-turn-it-into-one mentality (they’ve been known to play bottles and bike spokes). In the studio this Milwaukee group, which features members of The Candeliers and The Trusty Knife, records straight to cassette...
Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2009
"It's been doing really well out of state," Zack Pieper of Farms in Trouble says of his band's recent 27-song, 42-minute album, The Gas Station Soundtrack. "Some people are really into it in Philadelphia, some people really like it in Seattle, and in Minneapolis a guy is putting out a kind of beautiful, handmade cassette for us. "One thing really cool that I didn't realize is that cassettes...