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11.05.2014 | 86 days ago | Posted at 04:55 PM
By Lisa Kaiser
Wisconsin is lagging behind the nation’s recovery, supports a higher minimum wage and expanded BadgerCare enrollment, and is sick of political division.  So the state’s voters’ defied logic and handed Gov. Scott Walker another victory, even though he seems to be what they don’t want. OK. Makes no sense. That’s the point.  Voting is utterly emotional. You can debate facts unt...
11.03.2014 | 88 days ago | Posted at 06:17 PM
By Lisa Kaiser
You may have heard that we’ve got on election on Tuesday, Nov. 4.  What you may not have heard is what, exactly, you need to cast a ballot to vote.  Fortunately, the state Government Accountability Board has sent out a list of their top 10 things you need to know. And Common Cause in Wisconsin has compiled a list of folks who are offering free rides to the polls if you don't hav...
10.28.2014 | 94 days ago | Posted at 03:41 PM
By Lisa Kaiser
If you’re like me, you’re having a hard time keeping up with all of the news hitting just before the Nov. 4 election. So here’s a roundup of some recent campaign news while you’re waiting for President Obama to stump for Mary Burke in Milwaukee. You’re going to notice a theme emerge this week: Walker doesn't look so good. He's picking fights with friends, allowing his lieutenant governor...