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07.08.2014 | | Posted at 03:00 PM

"I’m not going up there trying to be a fitness model.”

By Norman Ware
Featuring tasteful nude photographs of athletes from all corners of the sports world, ESPN Magazine's Body Issue is designed to turn heads, but one inclusion is turning even more heads than usual this year: former Milwaukee Brewers slugger (and current D.L. casualty) Prince Fielder, whose physique is a little bit more plentiful than the average athlete. Fielder is slugging an imaginary homer in th...
Tuesday, June 11, 2013
 No one knows if new Bucks coach Larry Drew is the answer to the team’s problems, but he’s already disappointed mad-dog sports fans by promising to be a decent
Thursday, April 5, 2012
Last year the Brewers got halfway to the ultimate baseball goal, winning a division championship and a playoff series for the first time in 29 years before falling to St. Louis in the National League Championship Series. This year there are some...
Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012
Slim Pickens, in Blazing Saddles, twanged it best: “What in the wahd, wahd world of sports is a-goin' on here?” Three weeks ago the Bucks were on a roll—six wins in eight games, including two over Miami—and playing with energy and...
12.11.2011 | | Posted at 02:11 PM
By Nicole
So it sounds like ESPN was working on the Braun positive test story and it started to leak more, so they rushed it to air in order to not be scooped. That means the story they initially reported was not the best put-together or researched piece they could have done. I understand that.nHere's the thing. A Milwaukee writer was tipped by an ESPN employee to watch the 6 pm EST Sportscenter because the...