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11.17.2014 | 74 days ago | Posted at 08:13 PM
By Tyler Friedman
One man's trash is another man's...art supplies? "Easily Discarded," presented by CultureJam MKE and Live Artists Studio, is a one-night only art event in which twenty-five local artists will challenge "dominant notions of the relationship between human beings and their physical and mental environment." And they'll do so with the added challenge of incorporating "something discar...
Monday, Oct. 24, 2011
It's proving to be a very special month for Milwaukee collage artist Della Wells. As a child, she relished the satirical Fractured Fairy Tales of A.J. Jacobs and used art as a way to deal with a difficult home life that included her mother's schizophrenia...
Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Art Review

The accessible, enticing collection of artwork in the exhibition “16 Women” pays tribute to women past and present at the intimate Grava Gallery inside the MarshallBuilding. The appealing variety of artistic mediums—everything from an altered book to an homage to mothers in bas-relief on a ceramic birdhouse—provides provocative feminine viewpoints. Curator Sally Gauger Jensen uses Prismacolor pencil with meticulous precision in her drawing Bay View Venus, a window mannequin exposed at Hairy’s Hair Bar. Gauger’s Venus stands barely clothed and slim, a modern version that references historical portraits of the mythological goddess. She shares the exhibition space with her niece, Karen Gauger, whose black-and-white photograph Hello Bolivia silhouettes hills and spacious landscape against a gray granite sky.