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11.08.2012 | | Posted at 12:30 PM
By Evan Rytlewski
During my college years in Madison, most of the touring indie-rock bands of interest played at a now-defunct basement coffeeshop with unclear ties to the church next door. I never fully understood that place. The regulars were almost eerily quiet and polite, and the atmosphere was always so much more muted than the revelrous punk shows I was used to from Milwaukee that I never quite knew how to ac...
Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The fallen evangelical goes solo post-Pedro the Lion

David Bazan's creative life appears to be marked by contradiction, either by design or outside perception. Congratulate Bazan on his full-length solo debut, Curse Your Branches, which cracked Billboard's Top 200 album chart, and he shrugs it off. "To me, honestly, it says more about the dismal state of the music industry. I sold more records with Pedro the Lion," Bazan says in reference to the band that gave...