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10.24.2014 | 95 days ago | Posted at 02:55 PM
By Lisa Kaiser
It’s pretty safe to say that We Energies’ proposed rate hikes and new penalties on clean energy systems are pretty unpopular. No matter how you slice it, consumers will pay more simply to improve the monopoly’s bottom line. But We Energies claims it’s all about “fairness.” Right.  So when a representative from a Houston group named Consumers Energy Alliance submitted 2,500 names ...
05.09.2013 | | Posted at 01:30 PM
By Lisa Kaiser
I always thought that Republicans had a fetish about local control, claiming that local leaders, being closest to their constituents, were the best ones to make decisions for their communities. But I guess they’ve become state-control fetishists. Yesterday, toward the end of the Assembly’s debate on AB 85, the Milwaukee County “reform” bill, state Rep. Christine Sinicki and Assembly Mi...
Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012

Vote on Tuesday, Aug. 14

In the hotly contested race to represent Senate District 6, the Shepherd's endorsement goes...
Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2008

Conservatives are masquerading as Democrats

(Endorsements) Are some Republicans stooping to new levels this year? Factions of the Republican Party have become so toxic that one of its most conservative members, former state Sen. Tom Reynolds, has recruited extreme right-wing candidates to run as Democrats in the Sept. 9 primary.