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09.24.2013 | | Posted at 08:36 AM

Corporate Crimes, Anarchist Vengeance

By David Luhrssen
  Images of corporate malfeasance open The East, video of environmental degradation narrated by voices from the new underground. “We want all those who are guilty to experience the terror of their crimes,” they threaten. “We are The East and this is just the beginning.” Cut to Sarah, waking up next to her husband in a vanilla-colored apartment. We learn many things about her in ...
Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Anarchists, undercover agents and corporate criminals

 Sarah can’t tell her husband about her job. He thinks she’s off to Dubai on private security work when really, she’s going undercover for the sinisterly-named Hiller Brood, a security contractor with powerful corporate clients
Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Film draws strength from nuanced acting

In Sound of My Voice, Maggie is the beguiling leader of a doomsday cult with an unusual spin on the future...