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06.30.2014 | | Posted at 08:00 AM
By Norman Ware
Milwaukee's Rock Bottom Brewery & Restaurant will host a tapping party for its seasonal Summer Honey Ale on Thursday, July 10. Described as "a refreshing summer beer with a touch of honey," the golden ale is being rolled out along with the restaurant's summer menu, which features limited-time items including mango chicken, honey chili chicken wings, a bison prairie burger and Mexican smoked ch...
Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New UWM study indicates that stormwater management features have economic benefits

 Preliminary results conducted by a UW-Milwaukee researcher show that “green infrastructure” has boosted property values in Milwaukee. According to researcher Kate Madison
Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Delafield Brewhaus’ Summery Fare

The intersection of I-94 and Highway 83 in Delafield is a maze of motels, big-box stores and strip malls. But if you head east on Hillside Drive, just south of the freeway, you’ll find a respite from the noise, the Delafield Brewhaus (3832 Hillside Drive). Enter into the beer hall, a two-story...
Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2008

Milwaukee’s Sprecher stands above the rest

More flavor than water, more pep than juice, nothing quenches the thirst like the sweet carbonation of a cold soda. These fizzy soft drinks date back to the mineral waters discovered in natural springs. Ancient cultures, like the Romans in Bath, England, for example, believed that bathing in and drinking the water from...