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Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012

The Shepherd’s 2013 New Year’s Eve Guide

 2012 won’t necessarily be remembered as a great one. It’s almost certain to go down as the year the nation endured another bitter election cycle, stretches of unusual and frequently destructive weather patterns
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rogue Nation

Celtic rock has usually followed two paths. Bands either infuse the islands' folkloric influence into the expansive art-mindedness of prog (Horslips, Tempest) or use fiddle and bodhran to add righteous ethnic rootsiness to punk (The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys)...
Monday, July 18, 2011

Indigo Dreams (He & He Records/Oarfin Records)

The BoDeans, which released its debut album 25 years ago as a four-piece out of Waukesha, is now a duo. Guitarist/vocalist Sam Llanas and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Kurt Neumann, always the band's heart and soul, co-wrote all 13 songs on Indigo Dreams. Former members and live players Michael Ramos (keyboards), Bukka Allen (accordion)...
Monday, May 24, 2010
When Kurt Neumann was 15, he had two cassette decks with which he “bounced tracks” back and forth, experimenting with musical effects. He played drums and guitar and had written a few songs by the time he paired up with high school friend Sam Llanas in 1983 to form the BoDeans. Today, Neumann lives in Austin and has a recording studio in a building on his Texas property. He still plays drums and guitar and writes songs with...
Friday, April 3, 2009

Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams (Collector’s Edition) (Rhino)

Vindication for years of internal ups and downs and music-industry apathy comes in the form of this lavish and richly deserved Collector's Edition of the BoDeans' sturdy debut album, Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams. Produced by T-Bone Burnett and released in 1986, when new artists were putting crisp pop spins on old rockabilly sounds, the album contained 11 simple, catchy...
Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2009

This Week in Milwaukee

Thursday, Feb. 19, Larkin Grimm @ Stonefly Brewery, 10 p.m. Like so many artists on Michael Gira’s Young God label, Larkin Grimm blurs the line between spirituality and pretension, filling her faintly Wiccan gypsy folk with all manner of accidental sounds, foreign accents and loopy instruments (she's also a devoted...
Monday, March 31, 2008

Still (He & He/Oarfin)

It could be argued that the BoDeans have reached their greatest recording potential on the albums produced by T-Bone Burnett. That greatness continues with Burnett's third time in the studio deck with the nearly 25-year-old band from Waukesha.