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10.29.2014 | 92 days ago | Posted at 08:46 AM
By David Luhrssen
Greek-American vocalist Magda Giannikou leads Banda Magda, the sort of group that flourishes more easily in New York City than elsewhere: fun and sophisticated, grounded but open to a world of influences. Banda Magda performs an easy-going international repertoire with touches of jazz and cabaret. Giannikou sings in Greek and English—as well as Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Banda Magda’s la...
Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Amour, t’es là?

It’s easy to suppose Banda Magda is French and probably from one of Paris’ tonier arrondissements. After all, the vocals by sweet-voiced Magda Giannikou are in French and the lilting music is pleasant mojito composed with a dash