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05.21.2013 | | Posted at 01:21 PM
By Lisa Kaiser
Advocates for an Affordable Care Act-expanded Medicaid program in Wisconsin have been calling on Gov. Scott Walker to listen to reason and accept roughly $4 billion in federal funds to offer BadgerCare programs to more low-income Wisconsinites. Their latest attempt to provide Republicans with a reality check is to shoot down the GOP's allegation that the funding under the ACA is somehow not reli...
Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010

Ensuring access to health care, not just health insurance

In the debate over federal health care reform—as well as the future of BadgerCare—most have focused on the expansion of access to affordable health insurance. But what good is insurance if patients can’t see a doctor? Enter the federally qualified community health centers, which are a critical component of health care in Milwaukee and around the country. They exist in high-poverty, high-need areas...