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09.09.2012 | | Posted at 05:53 AM

Soulstice Theatre's ROCKET MAN

By Russ Bickerstaff
Playwright Steven Dietz opens Rocketman at a couple of very uncomfortable points in the life of its protagonist. As the play opens, the reluctant landscape architect is getting rid of everything he owns. His wife has left him for a guy named Kale. His daughter is sixteen years old. She will be cutting herself out of his life in a matter of time. Everything is falling apart. And Soulstice Theatre w...
04.29.2012 | | Posted at 06:34 AM

Jason Powell's IN LOVE is entertaining early-on

By Russ Bickerstaff
    Anybody's dating history would make interesting material for a theatrical production. Love is really, really weird. This much we all know. The trick is bringing it to the stage in a way that is novel and interesting. Jason Powell does a pretty good job of this in In Love…Yet Again.    It's a musical starring himself and three of the actresses in town he probably hasn't dated yet. We see...