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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Going inside the mind of a murderer

In addition to himself, the mind of Raskolnikov (Matt Schwader) is occupied by six other characters in American Players Theatre's production of Crime and Punishment: his mother Pulcheria Alexandrovna, the detective Porfiry, the reluctant prostitute Sonya and her drunken father Marmeladov, and the parasitic...
Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Theater Review

Spring Green's American Players Theatre is the dramatic house that William Shakespeare built, but only two of the Bard of Avon's works grace this year's eight-play schedule. The first, The Taming of the Shrew, opened with enough fire to warm a chilly Saturday night in the company's open-air amphitheater...
Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2008

Theater Review

The Belle's Stratagem, British playwright Hannah Cowley's 18th-century comedy of manners, marks the final opening of the summer for the American Players Theatre (APT). In a lighthearted end to APT's season, Marcus Truschinski plays Doricourt, a man betrothed to a woman he hasn't seen since childhood, Letitia Hardy (Colleen Madden).
Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2008

Theater Review

George Bernard Shaw's first play ever produced, Widowers' Houses, is a sharp, socially conscious analysis of morality that still resonates today. American Players Theatre (APT) in Spring Green brings Shaw's 115-year-old comedy to the stage as one of its final summer productions. Though the plot involves the tiring drama of finance and morality, APT brightens even the dreariest moments, having assembled a brilliant ensemble cast, authentic period costuming and a classy set free from excessive ornamentation . . .
Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Theater Preview

Desert land comprises a majority of Iraq’s 168,000 square miles, so it would seem to be a strange setting for an outdoor play staged in the lush wooded area of Spring Green, Wis. But it wasn’t the location that led playwright and American Players Theatre (APT) co-founder James DeVita to write Desert Queen, a drama about influential British archaeologist Gertrude Bell. The idea came a few years ago, when DeVita challenged himself to . . . .