Express Milwaukee - Cover Story Sat, 24 Jan 2015 00:00:00 EST en hourly 1 Unique Gifts for the Holidays - Finding Treasures in Secondhand Shops E-retailers and big box stores are loaded for the holidays]]> 30 Years of the Shepherd Express Although his byline is infrequent, Louis Fortis—the publisher and editor of the Shepherd Express—provides the guiding vision for the newspaper's news coverage...]]> The Second Annual Best of Milwaukee Web Awards Winners Last year, the sister website of the Shepherd Express...]]> Who Will Succeed Herb Kohl? - Baldwin, Thompson and Neumann among big-name possibilities Wisconsin seems to be in perpetual campaign mode these days. But one of the standout races...]]> Packers 2011: The Drive for Five The Green Bay Packers own four of the trophies named after their greatest coach, Vince Lombardi...]]> What's Next for Wisconsin's Unions? - Enthusiasm and obstacles for organized labor Now that Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining bill is being implemented and Republicans...]]> Will the Real Alberta Darling Please Stand Up? - Flip-flops and bad votes triggered her recall Back in 1990, when Alberta Darling won her first election to the state Assembly, the media glowingly referred to her as a “liberal” “pro-choicer” who recognized the wisdom of gun control. Twenty-one years later, Darling, now representing the North Shore in the state Senate, is more likely to generate headlines for her political flip-flops, support...]]> Celebrating Craft Beer - As sales spike, festivals raise a glass to microbrews Perhaps the most telling sign of how bad the economy got in the late 2000s is that consumers cut back on an indulgence that historically had been one of the most recession-proof: beer. Sales of beer fell by more than 2% in 2009, and by about another 1% last year...]]> Who's Buying Wisconsin's Recall Elections? - Local and out-of-state groups show strong interest The unprecedented recalls of nine state senators have sparked the interest of organizations seeking an advantage in Wisconsin politics. For Republicans, it's a do-or-die moment. If the Democrats can flip three seats in the Senate, the GOP...]]> Wisconsin's New DNR - The agency wants to improve 'customer' service, but will the environment pay the price? Run it like a business. Improve customer service. Fast turnaround times. Those are the guiding concepts in a draft plan to reorganize the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) into a “charter agency...]]> A Show of Pride - PrideFest celebrates LGBT diversity Since it settled into its permanent home at the Summerfest grounds at Henry W. Maier Festival Park in 1996, Milwaukee's PrideFest has grown into one of the country's biggest lesbian, gay, bisexual and...]]> The Imperial Governor - Walker reshapes and emboldens the executive branch In just five short months, Gov. Scott Walker has consolidated power in the executive branch like no other Wisconsin governor before him has. Instead of working within a system of checks and balances that has served the state well for decades, Walker has expanded the reach of an already powerful executive at the...]]> Cheap Getaways - Enjoy these free or inexpensive destinations all summer long No need to scrap your summer vacation because of budget-guzzling gas prices. These nine good-value options won't drain the tank. Free attractions are noted; others require a reasonable fee or donation...]]> Why End Earned Release for Nonviolent Offenders? - GOP votes for bloated, budget-busting corrections system As we go to press, the state Legislature is poised to kill off what could have been a big opportunity to keep communities safe and reduce the budget. Last week the state Senate voted to end the state's Earned Release Program, which allows certain carefully screened, nonviolent prisoners to be released before their entire sentence has been served in...]]> Entering the Forbidden City - Milwaukee Art Museum offers rare glimpse of treasures from China A rare glimpse into the Palace Museum of Beijing's Forbidden City awaits visitors of the Milwaukee Art Museum exhibition “The Emperor's Private Paradise: Treasures From the Forbidden City.” Ninety works were chosen from the Palace Garden of the Qianlong emperor (1736-1795), an area long closed to the...]]> City of Bicycles - Milwaukee is enjoying a bike-friendly makeover Though the city is renowned for manufacturing motorcycles, Milwaukee also boasts an active bicycling subculture. With so many local bike clubs and group rides popping up around the city, it's not difficult to find one to suit any cycling niche. And now, as the city takes...]]> Kevin Smith's Traveling Therapy Session Beginning with the 1994 independent comedy Clerks, director Kevin Smith and longtime friend Jason Mewes have worked together on more than a half-dozen of...]]> The First Annual Best of Milwaukee Web Awards Last month, the Shepherd Express invited readers to vote at]]> Maritime and the Freedom of No Expectations Where a greener band might be giddy with hope after signing to a label like Dangerbird Records—home to bands including the Silversun Pickups and Minus the Bear, and one of a handful of large independent labels that's actually growing...]]> Elect JoAnne Kloppenburg to the Wisconsin Supreme Court We are wholeheartedly encouraging voters to elect Assistant Attorney General JoAnne...]]> How Walker's Budget Will Hurt Milwaukee - Lots of cuts, few bright spots It's nearly impossible to find any bright spots for Milwaukee in Gov. Scott Walker's proposed...]]> What You Can Do On Nov. 3, 2010, after the votes had been counted and the dust had settled...]]> Who Will Pay for Scott Walker's Cuts? Hint: It's not the wealthy Wisconsin is broke, Gov. Scott Walker has claimed, and it's time to...]]> Who's Creating Walker's Playbook? - National and local right-wing groups want to weaken workers If David Koch wasn't a household name in Wisconsin a week ago, he certainly is now...]]> What’s Really Going on at the State Capitol? - The six-week governor provokes the biggest protest in Wisconsin in 40 years So, what’s happened to Wisconsin?]]> Milwaukee Does Valentine’s Day - Readers take a halfhearted view of required romance Perhaps no other holiday has the ability to both depress and inspire like Valentine’s Day.]]> Frank Lloyd Wright for the 21st Century - Milwaukee Art Museum re-examines Wisconsin's great architect With his flowing cape, parson’s hat and mane of white hair, not to mention his...]]> Milwaukee’s Surprising Jobs Potential in the Creative Industries - A new study finds depth and breadth of creative ventures, but little recognition Milwaukee is known for our beer, our manufacturing might, our motorcycles and...]]> Archdiocese of Milwaukee Files for Bankruptcy - How will it affect sex abuse victims, parishioners and the church itself? It wasn’t entirely surprising that the Archdiocese of Milwaukee filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings earlier this month. Indeed—former Archbishop Timothy Dolan floated the idea in 2003 shortly after he came to Milwaukee. But Archbishop Jerome Listecki’s...]]> The Walker Agenda - Will killing consumer protections really create 250,000 jobs? On his first day as governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker declared a state of “economic emergency” caused by “years of mismanagement” and a business climate that has “for too long been stifled by burdensome regulation, taxes and costly litigation.” But will the bills proposed in this special session of the state Legislature actually end the “economic emergency” and help to...]]>