Express Milwaukee - City Guide 2010 Sun, 25 Jan 2015 00:00:00 EST en hourly 1 Dance Clubs - 5 Favorites A high-end cocktail lounge and dance club of the sort typically associated with Downtown and the Fifth Ward, Decibel stands out on North Avenue, where it offers a substantially more upscale alternative to the casual college bars that neighbor it. This chic space is outfitted with three bars, two DJ booths...]]> Farmers’ Markets - Live local, eat local Over the last 15 years, the number of farmers’ markets in the United States has tripled. This growth spurt has occurred in Milwaukee as well, where more than half of the farmers’ markets currently operating have opened within the last decade and a half. Farmers’ markets are essentially about food...]]> Neighborhoods - Third and Fifth Wards, East Side, Bay View, Walker's Point, Wauwatosa, Downtown Milwaukee and North Shore In Milwaukee’s Historic Third and Fifth Wards, just south of Downtown, sleek modern structures share real estate with century-old factories and foundries that have found new life as art galleries, condos, design firms, trendy boutiques and see-and-be-seen dining hot spots. The neighborhood’s renaissance during the mid-1990s was anchored by the presence of the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design...]]> Festival Guide Dressed Up In Milwaukee - Local boutiques selling local designs With fashion moving at runway speed, even the subtlest detail can make the loudest statement. A garment’s lines, the studding here, the way light plays off fabric, the feel against skin—these are the elements that designers and seamstresses get stoked about. The DIY (do-it-yourself) fad has gone]]> DELI - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide SUBMARINE SANDWICHES - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide Milwaukee Essentials - 5 Favorites Far from those faux-’50s diners insulting the landscape, Leon’s Drive-In, family-owned since 1942, is the genuine article. Time and fresh-made custard are frozen at this renowned South Side landmark, allegedly the inspiration for the Arnold’s Drive-In set on the TV show “Happy Days.” President Bill...]]> Heritage Sites - 5 Favorites Some of Milwaukee’s most fascinating art does not hang on museum and gallery walls, but rather exists in the opulent interior murals and ornate stained glass that adorn the Basilica of St. Josaphat. Beneath its awe-inspiring dome—among the largest in the world—visitors to the minor basilica can find relics not often...]]> THAI - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide Museums - 5 Favorites The setting and design of the Harley-Davidson Museum perfectly captures the independent spirit and creative design that made the Harley-Davidson Motor Co. a dominating American icon and Milwaukee’s most revered native original. The exhibition traces the company’s history through a chronological and...]]> TURKISH - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide VEGETARIAN - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide VIETNAMESE - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide Boutique Hotels - 5 Favorites Perfect for pampering out-of-town guests or taking a vacation in your own city, the Ambassador Hotel goes beyond spacious, comfortable rooms by providing complimentary parking, convenient shuttles to Downtown locales and a fitness center, along with valet, concierge and massage services. The hotel...]]> Beverage Tours - 4 Favorites When Great Lakes Distillery began producing its award-winning Rehorst Premium Milwaukee Vodka in 2006, it was the first Wisconsin distillery to open its doors since Prohibition. Visitors who take the free 45-minute tour of the company’s Menomonee River Valley distillery learn how Great Lakes produces...]]> Bars - 5 Favorites When Joe Katz proclaims “We ride at dawn!,” he means it. Home to arguably the city’s most rabid, ravenous soccer fans, Katz’s Highbury Pub opens early any day there is a professional match of note. Don’t be intimidated by the Arsenal colors, as you won’t be turned away for sporting Chelsea blue...]]> STEAK AND CHOPHOUSES - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide AFRICAN - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide AMERICAN - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide ASIAN FUSION - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide BBQ - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide BRAZIL - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide BRITISH - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide CAJUN - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide CARIBBEAN - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide CHINESE - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide COFFEE-HOUSES - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide CONTEMPORARY - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide CUBAN - Metro Milwaukee Dining Guide