Express Milwaukee - Style by Heidi Mon, 22 Dec 2014 00:00:00 EST en hourly 1 Lady Gaga, the New Elton John New Years Resolution – Cleaning out your closet One commitment that comes with ringing in a new year is the resolution. Often associated with dropping the pounds or eating better, I propose a glamorous goal: why not consider setting a fashion-oriented new year’s resolution by cleaning out the bad fashion in your closet? Besides, feeling better in your clothing helps your self-esteem and being healthy will follow naturally...]]> Fashion Don’ts - What Not to Ring in the New Year With This year rings in 2010 and a new decade. Here are my top three faux pas of the recent year...]]> On the Fringe of Fashion Fringe is flirty, fun and fabulous – don’t you agree? There’s something hypnotic about clothes that move entirely on their own accord. It’s very wild, very free. Fringe ranges from being casual day dresses to classic chic fashion. It is a look that classically stays in style. The roaring ‘20s gave us the flapper dress and in the ‘80s it was...]]> You’ve Come a Long Way Lady One year since the 2008 presidential election, I’m reflecting back on our First Lady’s fashion choice for the night. Shown here, Michelle Obama is wearing the infamous red and black dress that boosted attention for designer Narciso Rodriquez, but not in a good way. From a distance, at least for me watching the election on TV, it looked more like...]]> The Winter Rose Roses seem to be popping up everywhere. The winter rose stands out in full bloom this year, while rose buds do not seem to be as popular. In fashion, the bigger the rose, the more dramatic and the more in it is. It’s nothing new. Back in the 1920s, flapper dress wearers also wore headbands with large rose or flower embellishments. Throughout...]]> Fashion’s Night Out Hot on the Milwaukee Scene Adding Accessories Adds a Little Funk Putting on the Glitz On my recent trip to Miami, the resurgence of glitz, glimmer and metallics could be seen as I strolled up and down Ocean Boulevard and Collins Avenue, where the top designer boutiques can be found in SouthBeach. These trends were already seen there a few years ago but really hit the Midwest only in the last year... ]]>