Express Milwaukee - Milwaukee Color Mon, 26 Jan 2015 00:00:00 EST en hourly 1 It Takes a Village - From Serb Hall to St. Sava Milwaukee’s Serbian community, numbering about 2,500 prior to World War I, gained in population after World War II. Serbian villagers and political refugees found shelter here through fraternal benevolent lodges formed to aid fellow countrymen. As early as 1912 a call went out in Milwaukee for...]]> The National Soldiers Home Historic District Despite its central location in Milwaukee County, many locals aren’t aware of the historic and architectural treasure trove that is the National Soldiers Home Historic District. Situated in the shadow of Miller Park on the grounds of the Zablocki VA Medical Center, the district includes an impressive collection of 25 post-Civil War...]]> A Dog’s Work The domestic dog, a descendant of the gray wolf, has been the working and companion animal most closely tied to humans, a relationship that dates back 15,000 years. According to professor Jean Aigner, former chair of the University of Alaska anthropology department, there is firm archaeological evidence that Arctic natives harnessed dogs as draft and pack animals for at...]]> Liberace: A Simple Boy From Milwaukee Wladziu Valentino Liberace’s entrance into the world foreshadowed a career renowned for dramatic entrances. On May 16, 1919, in West Allis, Frances Zuchowski, a Polish-speaking young woman from Menasha, and her husband, Salvatore Liberace, a professional...]]> Port of Call - Developing Milwaukee's harbor In the era when Milwaukee was little more than a trading post in the wilderness, nearly everything and everyone traveled by water. The future belonged to settlements with good harbors, and Milwaukee, with the largest bay and...]]> The Cornerstone of St. Mary’s Hospital Mitchell Continues Its Leather Legacy If you ask, you’ll find that Milwaukee abounds with compelling immigrant histories. Many people are eager to share stories of how they or their ancestors came to live in Milwaukee, as well as what the city was like and how it treated them when they arrived. Strength...]]> The Roots of Northwestern Mutual Amund Dietzel: Milwaukee’s Tattooing Legend Milwaukee has been home to a number of trailblazing artists, but none of them walked the line between obscurity and worldwide acclaim that Amund Dietzel did. When he began tattooing in 1907 it was an art form that existed on the periphery of mainstream culture, the stuff of carnival sideshows. But within...]]> The History of Cathedral Square Cathedral Square, the green gathering space in the heart of Downtown Milwaukee, serves as a point of convergence for popular events like Bastille Days, the East Town Market and the city’s favorite Thursday night tradition, Jazz in the Park...]]> Pre-Pro Beer George Watts & Son Celebrates 140 Years Bay View Observatory Points to Brighter Future For a country that pledged to leave no child behind, America continues to do so at an alarming rate. According to Stanford University professor emeritus of psychology Philip Zimbardo, on average one child drops out of school every nine seconds. Among the shortcomings of elementary...]]> Topping Brought The Beatles Saturday, Sept. 4, is the 46th anniversary of the day The Beatles performed their one and only show for Milwaukee. The Fab Four made it to our city because of Nick Topping, a local activist and promoter, who brought them...]]> The Times Cinema: A Vintage Movie House Media is more accessible to us than ever with conveniences like Video on Demand, DVD rental-by-mail services and the sale of inexpensive movies at big-box stores, but in watching movies on our computers or even on a stunning 65-inch HD 1080p TV at home, we miss the communal experience of...]]> Wisconsin’s Rudimentary Roads: Part I - Paving the way for the frontier As the adage goes, there are two seasons in Wisconsin: winter and road construction. The noise, delays and labyrinthine detours can be inconvenient, but our road hassles are nothing compared to what our ancestors had to deal...]]> Michael Feldman’s Silver Jubilee Popular culture is a fickle thing, and the relevance of its entertainers can peak and fade quicker than Snooki’s sobriety. That’s what makes Michael Feldman’s 25th anniversary as host of the “Whad’Ya Know?” radio program so...]]> The Almighty Sturgeon - Wisconsin and the great fish Finding a Century-Old Shipwreck Solomon Juneau, Milwaukee’s Founding Father Solomon Juneau, Milwaukee’s first mayor, scores pretty high as far as founding fathers go. Born in 1793 in Repentigny, Quebec Province, Canada, a small farming community near Montreal, Juneau signed up as a voyageur at the age of 15 or 16. Voyageurs were crew members hired to man canoes that carried trade goods...]]> Paul Bunyan’s Wisconsin Roots A visit to the great Northwoods of Wisconsin is an annual summer trip for many locals, and no journey into the state’s sprawling forests would be complete without a sighting of Paul...]]> The Great Peshtigo Fire As we witness the BP oil hemorrhage devastate communities and ravage a precious natural resource, the past reminds us of a similar scenario that occurred in northeastern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (UP) 139 years ago...]]> Milwaukee’s Outdoor Outfitters - Laacke & Joys supplied the city's early shipbuilders Now that camping season has arrived, many of us will be tempted to buy our outdoor gear...]]> Those Dammed Wisconsin Rivers Of the 2.5 million dams in the United States, 3,800 are located right here in the state of Wisconsin. Most of the dams are small, privately owned...]]> County Historical Society - Milwaukee's memory keepers The advantage of knowing history is the opportunity it offers to learn from past events, mistakes and victories alike. In 1935, the Milwaukee County Historical Society (MCHS) took on the responsibility of safeguarding...]]> Carrie Chapman Catt: Badger Suffragette - Wisconsin native pushed for women's voting rights Ladies, next time you cast your ballot in an election, you can thank a Wisconsin native named Carrie Chapman Catt for her valuable...]]> He’s the Greatest (And He’d Agree) - Frank Lloyd Wright in Milwaukee In a 1991 national survey, the American Institute of Architects recognized one of Wisconsin’s native sons, Frank Lloyd Wright, as “the greatest American architect of all time.” Born in...]]> Gather at the Well - Bay View's Pryor Avenue provides fresh groundwater For 127 years, Bay View neighbors, and the occasional visitor, have gathered together, bottles and jugs in hand, at the Pryor Avenue Iron Well for its continuous flow of fresh...]]> Taking the Waters - The West Side Natatorium The Glory of the Grain Exchange It’s amazing what kinds of treasure can be discovered beneath a few coats of paint and a dropped ceiling. Milwaukee is home to many once-magnificent temples to commerce that faded in significance over the years, were later outfitted to fulfill other purposes and then...]]>