Express Milwaukee - Poetry Sat, 19 Apr 2014 00:00:00 EDT en hourly 1 Foothills Panic  

There's a grocery store at the foot of the mountain

Where they misspell the name so you remember it better.

Skepticism—six demonstrations  

“We admit the apparent fact,” say they, “without admitting that it really is

what it appears to be.”. . .[I]n his work On the Senses, [Timon says,] “I do

a rat in the subway Motorboating in Harlem unruly clock.  

How strangely things unmoor themselves.

For instance, overhead: shadow of a bird

Palais Jamais Baubo’s Leaven Winter Moon and Tree  

Last night the full moon pushed

on the new tree in our back yard]]>
SING ME THAT Comes with Galore A COUPLA YEGGS Pill SELAH what it does LANDLORD LAMENTATIONS Atheist Blows Up Baby Jesus Mother Crushing on God AQUAMARINE HOUSE Strippers A Grammatic Monologue Two run-on sentences careened around a line. The Colon twins, trying to avoid fragmentation]]> partly blaze  

I don't know who

the teacher in me

Poem for the Penokee Hills ANCESTORS  

In my childhood the streams brought

sacred beads

that I hung on my chest

Sunflower Regiment Bone Lake The Jack Pines To The Woman Beside Me In Seat 16B  

I resisted the urge to touch your foot,

all I know now of dainty—

Jim Hazard: The Missing Year Why'd You Write This, My Son Asks  This poem was written as nun-chucks to stab bad-guys in the eye. This poem was written in the shape of a plumed garbage bag to be held high above the head while jumping from a jungle gym

Evening Meal