Express Milwaukee - test import Thu, 29 Jan 2015 00:00:00 EST en hourly 1 Regan runs again - romises change in sheriff’s office A write-in candidate for Sangamon County sheriff is hoping to take advantage of an apparent split in the Republican Party that has two candidates competing for the post in the upcoming GOP primary. “I think that there’s an opportunity for our cam]]> Test Article  This page is for testing issues.]]> bullet points and block quotes test formatting News &Views That figure could turn into a budget-bust ing $350 million as state corporations ask for tax rebates. State taxpayers will have to pick up the tab. The ruling represents a triumph for WMC, which was instrumental in electing Ziegler to the state Supreme Court and Van Hollen to the position of state attorney general.]]> WMC continued from previous page Milwaukee Unity Caucus Hits the Streets Think You Know John McCain? What Do You Say? Expresso Iowans worked together after the recent floods to aid friends, neighbors and strangers. Surely they can work together—humanely and sanely—to pre vent businessmen from manipulating and exploiting uneducated immigrants.]]> Short Orders One of my favorite Mexican foods is camarones a la diabla—the devil’s shrimp. In theory means shrimp in a fiendishly spicy red pepper sauce, but even in Mexico the level of spicing varies considerably. A simple beachside restaurant at Zihuatanejo served camarones lived up to this fiery reputation.]]> EAT/DRINK The doors may be closed for the season, but the ovens at Amaranth Bakery Cafe certainly won’t be growing cold this summer.]]> A&E Controversial comedian Bill Maher, whose digs can strike the funny bone while hitting a nerve, wants to stimulate critical thinking through the gateway of humor. The fearless if not ruthless cynic, host of HBO’s Emmy-nominated series “Real Time,” will perform at the Riverside Theater on Thursday, July 24.]]> The Joker’s Wild Poor Christian Bale never has a chance. As Batman (or “the Batman” as he’s often called in a nod to the earliest comic strips), he is left to brood heavily under his kinky black leather mask. The screen belongs to Ledger’s Joker, even if the streets of Gotham are up for grabs.]]> Theater One of two Insurgent Theatre shows to open at the Alchemist Theatre this past weekend, Rex Winsome’s Paint the Town plays out like some grim fairy tale of modern revolution.]]> Theater Preview Art Review Asublime new exhibit, “Moulthrop Generations: Turned Wood Bowls by Ed, Philip and Matt Moulthrop,” arrives at the Racine Art Museum, the first venue to show the work of three generations of the Moulthrop family in one gallery.]]> Art Preview Starting July 25 at 6 p.m., the walls of Peltz’s vintage Victorian building will be covered what gallery owner Cissie Peltz describes as “feminine splendor.” Peltz hosts its 18th annual “Remarkable Women Show,” which includes more than 35 artists from across nation.]]> Book Review To fall into the clutches of the Soviet Union’s system of arrest, imprisonment and torture was infamously easy for Americans who entered the nation from the 1930s to the 1950s. To get out was well-nigh impossible—short of death—and little help was to be found from U.]]>