Express Milwaukee - SXSW: The Shepherd Express Guide Sun, 25 Jan 2015 00:00:00 EST en hourly 1 The BoDeans - Thursday, March 13th @ Bourbon Rocks – 1:00 AM Nearly three decades ago, the BoDeans were formed when Kurt Neumann and Sammy Llanas initiated a unique singing and songwriting partnership in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The partnership was built on give and take, whether in the trading of lyrical or melodic ideas, an exchange of guitar riffs, or the blending of vocal harmonies. As frontmen for what . . . ]]> Call Me Lightning - Wednesday, March 12th @ Mohawk Patio – 9:00 PM Call Me Lightning, of Milwaukee, WI, play frenetic post-punk informed by The Talking Heads' quirky pop and The Jesus Lizard's rambunctious absurdism. Recent signees to respectable NYC indie label, FRENCHKISS RECORDS (Les Savy Fav, The Hold Steady), CALL ME LIGHTNING entered Steve Albini's Electrical Audio in Chicago with engineer Greg . . .]]> Collections of Colonies of Bees - Thursday, March 13th @ The Hideout – 10:00 PM In 1998 Chris Rosenau and Jon Mueller formed Collections of Colonies of Bees as an outlet to explore traditional folk/bluegrass instrumentation combined with modern process and technology. The subsequent self-titled document was released on the UK label The Rosewood Union, and was the first in a string of evolving, exploratory works; each very different, but . . .]]> Cougar Den - Thursday, March 13th @ Maggie Mae's Gibson Room – 9:40 PM Cougar Den is three kids from the heart of the Midwest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin playing spazzy hardcore/screamo. We formed with the aspiration of playing basement shows with our favorite local bands. Since November of 2005, we've toured the west coast in a little blue school bus, gotten a few stitches, watched kids jump off of refrigerators at house shows, seen . . .]]> Freshwater Collins - Thursday, March 13th @ Red 7 – 1:45 PM (Outdoor Day Show) Formed in Milwaukee, WI, in 1997, Freshwater Collins continues to slay audiences nationwide with their unique take on psychedelic rock and roll. Refusing to be pigeonholed as simply "stoner-rock," Freshwater Collins are currently working very hard on over-compressing their (already) big drum sounds and over-saturating the tape machine with extra guitar on their yet to be titled new album . . .]]> Jon Mueller - Thursday, March 13th @ The Hideout – 8:45 PM Jon Mueller has been an active drummer and percussionist since the mid-80s. Whether utilizing bombastic minimalism, dense interplay, or electroacoustic practices, his approach focuses on a physical dialog between situation and material. He has performed or recorded with members of the groups Swans, Wilco, and Rhys Chatham's Guitar Trio . . .]]> Juiceboxxx - Thursday, March 13th @ Beauty Bar – 9:00 PM Juiceboxxx is a 21-year-old rapper and producer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His brand of "energy music" is rooted in the past 30 years of rap and dance and informed by an urgent punk sensibility. Live, Juiceboxxx is the rare performer who takes cues from both Big Daddy Kane and Iggy Pop, kicking up a storm of energy that is at once thrillingly unhinged . . . ]]>