Express Milwaukee - Elections Fri, 19 Dec 2014 00:00:00 EST en hourly 1 Germantown, Butler and Falls Voters Should Support Brady - ENDORSEMENTS 2008 Longtime state Rep. Sue Jeskewitz decided not to run for re-election this year, which provides voters in the 24th Assembly District with a rare opportunity to give equal consideration to both candidates running for this seat. We support Democrat Charlene Brady. Brady has served her community as a member of the... ]]> Referendums - ELECTION '08 Barack Obama for President - ELECTION '08 Congress Endorsements - Marge Krupp and Steve Kagan Give Krupp a Chance in Congress. Residents of southeastern Wisconsin can send a strong message about the direction of this country by voting for Marge Krupp to represent the First Congressional District. Krupp, a chemical engineer and businesswoman, is facing longtime incumbent Republican Paul Ryan...]]> State Senate Endorsements - Sheldon Wasserman and Robert Wirch Sheldon Wasserman is the best choice for North Shore residents. Wasserman, an ob-gyn who has served in the state Assembly since 1994, is well positioned to become a leader in the state Senate on tax policy, health care and education reform. Although some Republican voters may hesitate to cross party lines and vote...]]> State Assembly Endorsements - ENDORSEMENTS 2008 Voting Guide - ENDORSEMENTS 2008 Send Sandra Pasch to the State Assembly - ENDORSEMENTS 2008 Glen Brower Is the Better Choice in the 21st District - ENDORSEMENTS 2008 Voters in Oak Creek and South Milwaukee can choose an Assembly representative who will truly represent their needs by electing Glen Brower. A fourth-generation South Milwaukee resident, Brower is a longtime public servant who can be trusted to do the right thing when acting on issues that are important... ]]> Vote for Linda Flashinski in Racine - ENDORSEMENTS 2008 Leon Young for State Assembly - Assembly Endorsement Sandra Pasch Is the Best Choice on the North Shore - Assembly Endorsement Return Pedro Colon to the State Assembly - Assembly Endorsement Christine Sinicki Has Earned Another Term - Assembly Endorsement Peter Barca Is Best for Kenosha - Assembly Endorsement Jim Burkee Is the Better Republican - Congress Endorsement Send Marge Krupp to Congress - Congress Endorsement Voters Beware - Conservatives are masquerading as Democrats State Representative Pedro Colón - State Assembly 8th District Candidate Laura L. Manrique - State Assembly 8th District Candidate Andy Feldman - State Assembly District 22 Candidate ]]> Guy Johnson - State Assembly District 22 Candidate ]]> Dan Kohl - State Assembly District 22 Candidate ]]> Sandy Pasch - State Assembly District 22 Candidate ]]> Ron Paul - Presidential Candidate - Republican Texas Congressman Ron Paul is a Vietnam veteran, OB/GYN, Libertarian running as a Republican for the presidency, and Internet phenomenon who has consistently raised more funds from the Net than his rivals. ]]> Joseph Biden - Presidential Candidate - Democratic Delaware Sen. Biden was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972 at the age of 29, after serving on the New Castle County Council and practicing law. ]]> Sura Faraj - Local Candidate- Third District Alderman Faraj is the president of the Riverwest Neighborhood Association, one of the most active neighborhood groups in the city. She is a former real estate broker and owner of Empire Bakers and Commonwealth Realty. ]]> Nik Kovac - Local Candidate - Third District Alderman Kovac was born and raised in the Third District and after attending Harvard University and living in New York, he is calling it home again. ]]> John A. Connelly - Local Candidate- Third District Alderman John Connelly began his career in public service working in constituent relations for former Mayor John O. Norquist, including public safety and transit issues, as well as assisting residents with neighborhood concerns. Connelly has spent the past several years working as a key proponent and coordinator for the Community Prosecution Unit, collaborating ]]> Matt Nelson - Local Candidate- Third District Alderman As a resident, small business owner, community organizer, writer, teacher, and co-founder of the Freedom Now! Collaborative in Milwaukee, Matt has worked for years fighting for civil rights, racial and economic justice, and ending corporate dominance. His experience has demonstrated how to win citywide policy change in the public interest. ]]>