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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cloud Cult

By Shepherd Express Staff
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7 p.m.
Minneapolis’ Cloud Cult shares Eels’ love of quirky, electronic beats and cinematic soundscapes as well as Beck’s knack for dynamic, flashy live shows. Much of the group’s early music was inspired by the 2002 death of frontman Craig Minowa’s young son—somber subject matter that only furthers the Eels comparisons—but the band’s visually loaded concerts feel more like colorful birthday parties than funerals. The group’s 2010 album Light Chasers, found Minowa in unusually high spirits, reveling in the recent birth of his son, and 2013’s Love was a similarly upbeat album, flushed with bright electronics and Arcade Fire-esque grandeur. For this show, the band will do two sets: one electric and one acoustic.


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Also at Turner Hall Ballroom

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