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Wednesday, April 2, 2008
As she moved out of her teen years, NaMia Moore didn’t exactly experience a “roaring 20s.” She wrote her mother’s obituary at just 23, took on the responsibility of raising two adolescent girls (her sisters) and worked as a full-time editor at a growing urban magazine, Ya’ Heard.
Off the Cuff
Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2007
Louise Lambrecht is rife with character—and characters. As a mother, grandmother and wife of 35 years, she exudes plenty of character in her personal life. And as an author, she creates characters that readers yearn to care for and love as their own. Writing under the pen name of L.M. Favier, this Milwaukeean’s first published book, A Sackful of Quarters (Xlibris Press), is an eclectic walk in a delightful field of complex short stories on love, parenting, anorexia, loyalty, womanhood and physical abuse.
Off the Cuff
Monday, Nov. 12, 2007
December 07, 2006 More than a year ago, I visited the topic of Milwaukee`s dating scene for young, black women in a Shepherd Express article. Milwaukee was characterized as "Frozen Tundra"; chock-full of cold, absent, shrinking prospects. Four types of men were heralded: sorry, lazy, apathetic and manipulative. It was just my way of calling out the poor bastards who sucked the bejesus out of me, then couldn`t emotionally or physically lose me; unable to let go and get over it.

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