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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Old folks in concert

You might think the notion of a bunch of septuagenarians and octogenarians belting out cover versions of rock ’n’ roll tunes sounds hopelessly schmaltzy. You wouldn’t be alone. Stephen Walker, the director of Young@Heart, says he chuckled at the irony of his initial reaction. When his wife approached him with the idea of hearing a concert by the group, Walker recoiled at the prospect and told her, “That sounds awful.” “I had little interest in the concert,” Walker says. “I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was a gimmick or it might be karaoke.”
A&E Feature
Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2008

Abdul-Jabbar on black pride

In all likelihood, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will remain best known for his exploits on the basketball court. After all, with 38,387 points, he is the highest scorer in NBA history. However, since retiring from sports, the erstwhile center for the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers has also become a bestselling author and an advocate for reading.

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