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Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2008

The Whimsical Denizens of Avenue Q

How does a college graduate with a bachelor's degree in English greet the real world without any major skills or significant experience? That’s the scary next step facing Princeton (the man, not the college) in the whimsical musical Avenue Q, coming to Milwaukee’s Marcus Center next Tuesday for a week’s stay. No more sheltering dorm or 4 a.m. sessions in the computer lab the day the paper is due. Anxiety attacks and all, this spunky musical examines a graduate stepping into the big world at age 22; finding his place there and determining his purpose in life.
A&E Feature
Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2008

The orchestra and the Broadway spectacle

For a lion, Simba sure can carry a tune. But not even this precocious feline, star of the hit musical The Lion King, could play 15 different types of flute. That’s where Darlene Drew comes in, as part of the pit orchestra for The Lion King. In fact, Drew will not only demonstrate her prowess on 15 different flutes, she’ll . . .

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