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Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012

Pizza maker and union may be settling some of their differences

 The long-simmering stalemate between pizza maker Palermo Villa and its disaffected workers may be coming to an end—or not. Last month, an investigation led by the regional director of the National Labor Relations Board
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Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012

County Board Repairs Abele’s Flawed Budget

 After all of the hearings, amendments and rancor between Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and the 18-member Board of Supervisors, a unified board put its stamp of approval on a 2013 county budget that
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Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012

What did the board decide?

 When Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele presented his 2013 budget, it reminded many of those presented by former County Executive Scott Walker. Both men offered budgets that didn’t include a tax increase, privatized
Daily Dose
Monday, Nov. 5, 2012
Still confused about voting on Nov. 6?
Don’t worry.
Although the state Legislature passed some new regulations, voting in Wisconsin is pretty simple.
You do not need a photo ID to vote.
Let me repeat that: You do not need a photo ID to vote.
That said, you do need to know a few things