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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Perhaps the most frustrating part of aging is mental decay, or those “senior moments” during which what you want to say or remember vanishes in an instant. Cognitive degeneration can be categorized as cruel, since the very substance of the human experience evaporates, and the dignity of acquired wisdom seems...
Miscellaneous Columns
Thursday, May 15, 2008
You are what you eat, as the old saying goes. But we’d like to add this simple thought: What you eat can make you old. Last month we explained how age equals inflammation and why inflammation could play a role in many degenerative processes, including diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.
Miscellaneous Columns
Wednesday, April 16, 2008
We have all been told that we are doomed to suffer the negative effects of aging, to struggle with painful arthritis and other degenerative processes that are supposedly inevitable. But must the aging process be so difficult? Absolutely not.
Miscellaneous Columns
Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008

The Wellness Warriors

Meat or magic? This question has been asked through the history of mankind. They summarize two opposing paradigms, with the pendulum of opinion swinging between them by different civilizations through time.

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