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the jazz estate
On Music
Friday, Feb. 7, 2014
It's not too often we get good news about the local jazz scene to report, but this week the scene breathed a rare sigh of relief when it was revealed that the Jazz Estate will be staying put. Co-owner Brian Sanders put the bar on the market last fall with hopes a future owner would retain its focus on live jazz, but the longer the bar sat on the market the less likely that ideal outcome seemed.
spin milwaukee
Around Milwaukee
Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014

Meet Evolution Milwaukee Gastro Pong

Good news for Milwaukeeans who love ping-pong but hate concise, descriptive one-syllable names: SPiN in the Third Ward is changing its name next week. In an email today, the cavernous ping-pong bar at 233 E. Chicago St. revealed that beginning Feb. 11 it will be known as Evolution Milwaukee Gastro Pong.

"The name change signifies a new phase for us and a conclusion to a successful three-...
twin brother
On Music
Monday, Feb. 3, 2014
There are so many folk-rock bands kicking around Milwaukee right now that the scene could have easily breached its saturation point, yet so many of these bands continue to carve out space for themselves with truly unique spins on a style that could easily scan as stale. One of the best of these newer bands is
bob uecker
Around Milwaukee
Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014
Bob Uecker turned 80 this weekend, and for the first time, he's talking about cutting back his workload. On WTMJ radio this morning, Uecker announced that he will be sitting out "select road trips" with the Brewers this season. How many games exactly he'll miss is unclear: He suggested that if the Brewers are competitive late in the season,
disguised as birds
On Music
Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014
Milwaukee will never lack post-hardcore bands that sound like Fugazi—at any point there are at least a handful of visible ones playing multiple shows each month—but Disguised as Birds, a quartet that announced their break up this month after nearly 10 years together, was one of the few that genuinely captured the excitement of Fugazi. Remember that incredible footage in Instrument where...