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Off the Cuff
Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011
With a helping hand full of birdseed and a heart full of gold, Jim Gardinier supplies people with wings of love. Since his diagnosis of Ménière's disease 10 years ago, “Jim the Birdman” has bred and raised birds for the handicapped practically free of charge...
Off the Cuff
Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2010

Terry Cullen tells his side of the story

Tears fill his eyes as he recalls the horrific events of this year. In May, Terry Cullen, a recognized reptilian conservationist, was branded with 12 counts of animal mistreatment, two counts of sexual assault and one count of false imprisonment. His neighbors scream obscenities at him from across the street, his friends can’t do anything to help, and his animals are either gone or shot dead...
Monday, Nov. 22, 2010

Art Review

In his exhibition "Trees Are the Biggest Vegetable" (at Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum through Jan. 23, 2011), UW-Madison art department chair Tom Loeser questions the premise behind everyday objects, chairs included. He welcomes us to challenge the way we interact with "mundane" objects by...
Monday, Nov. 15, 2010

Poetic Prose Embodies Dave the Potter

As a climax to the Milwaukee Art Museum's spring 2010 installation entitled "To Speculate Darkly" by Chicago-based artist Theaster Gates, "The Dave Project" brings forth five interactive workshops to Milwaukee residents with an astounding performance by Chicago-based poet Orron Kenyetta...
Off the Cuff
Monday, Aug. 30, 2010
Vincent High School graduate Capt. Calvin Fisher is a distinguished U.S. officer participating in an environmentally friendly project with Qahtan Kareem, CEO of the Alshefar Group. As the individual in charge of the Iraqi-Based Industrial Zone located on Contingency Operating Base Speicher (near Tikrit)...
A&E Feature
Saturday, July 24, 2010
Breed specific laws, in conjunction with incidents of violence highlighted in the media, make it hard for individuals to welcome a pit bull or pit bull mix into their home. With all the myths surrounding this over-bred, mistreated breed, Milwaukee can't help but teeter on the edge of an epidemic of unwanted...
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Book Preview

Shoulder to shoulder, people all over the world gather to hear captivating plots from storytellers. After writers produce brilliant plots and illustrators add exceptional visuals, editors edit it all together until it becomes a moment of whalah!— a paperback or leather bound time capsule ready to unravel its mystery...
A&E Feature
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

‘The Cutting Edge’ highlights medical practices from the 19th century

The millions of ads and gimmicks promoting hair restoration, hair removal, weight loss, weight gain and an endless procession of other quick-fix miracle cures may seem like a reflection of today’s consumer, but dubious medical claims aren’t a new phenomenon. An upcoming exhibit hosted at the Pabst Mansion called “The Cutting Edge: Medical Practices...

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