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A&E Feature
Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2009

From ‘Damn Yankees’ to ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ how movies ruin our imagination

Before Damn Yankees was popularly known as the best/worst butt-rock outfit starring Ted Nugent, Damn Yankees was a hit 1955 Broadway musical and 1958 movie-musical. And before it was a hit movie-musical, it was a children’s book called The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant. I discovered this book in 1992, effectively ending what had previously been a promising...
A&E Feature
Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2009

Jordan, Owens, Vick and the celebrity-athlete apocalypse

When Michael Jordan descended Mount Olympus to deliver his now-infamous Hall of Fame acceptance speech, an astonished nation of “Airness”-obsessed faithful took to Twitter and online message boards to simultaneously debate what appeared to be an irrefutable fact: Michael Jordan—the fiercest competitor of our time and arguably the most recognizable...

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