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Classical Review
Monday, Jan. 10, 2011

Present Music with Margaret Leng Tan

Margaret Leng Tan, the world’s first toy piano virtuoso, was the star of Present Music’s concert “Toys!” She was perfectly accompanied by the Present Music string ensemble...
Off the Cuff
Monday, Dec. 20, 2010
A self-described “re-imagined alcoholic” of five years and no stranger to despair, 49-year-old Mark Tuschel is examining sobriety and articulating his insights. The thesis of his successful book Living Sober Sucks is that...
Cover Story
Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010

A conversation with Milwaukee Ballet’s Michael Pink

I look forward to my second viewing of Michael Pink’s The Nutcracker with the Milwaukee Ballet. Here are some reasons: 1) To see what I missed. So much goes on in Pink’s ballets that you can’t catch it all in one viewing. I ask Pink if he is revising anything. “No,” he answers. “Every year people tell me they’re convinced I’ve changed a lot, when I haven’t changed anything. They see it with different eyes...
Off the Cuff
Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010
Tom Thoreson spent 20 years as an artist in residence at Milwaukee’s Lincoln Center of the Arts, choreographing and dancing with great style in Bauer, Wild Space and the company he came to lead, Foothold Dance Performance. Now he is a personal trainer and adaptive dance teacher with the...
Off the Cuff
Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010
Gwen Gillen’s works include the sculpture of Mary Tyler Moore tossing her hat in the air that stands in downtown Minneapolis, the duck family on the bridge over the Milwaukee River on Wisconsin Avenue, and sensitive life-sized sculptures of Father Kentenich, founder of the...
Classical Music/Dance
Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010

Michael Pink scores another hit with moving cry against abuse of power

After expressing unabashed enthusiasm for three of Michael Pink’s ballets last season, I came to the opening of Esmeralda in search of something I could criticize. No luck. On the contrary, this brand-new reworking of his 12-year-old ballet The Hunchback of Notre Dame (changed enough to warrant the new title) is magnificent. Every moment is rich with feeling and sense...
Classical Music/Dance
Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010

Classical Preview

The Florentine Opera is not the only Milwaukee opera company to present a world premiere this year. With equal courage, the Milwaukee Opera Theatre (MOT) has undertaken the task of developing an original operetta by local composer and writer Jason Powell. A staged concert reading of his Fortuna the Time Bender...
Classical Music/Dance
Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010

Strong performances aid uneven production

Warm congratulations to the Florentine Opera on its first world premiere. Rio de Sangre by composer Don Davis, librettist Kate Gale and translator Alicia Partnoy is a somber full-scale opera in Spanish. The idealistic Christian Delacruz, newly elected to lead a fictional Latin American country, is ruined by the machinations...